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Strobist Photography is Fun!

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Strobist photography techniques may seem sophisticated and complicated, but arguably this is a fairly simple and easy technique.

Strobist is a photography technique that utilizes the use of flash (speedlight / flash) but not installed on Hot Shoe camera. The general term is Off Shoe or Off Camera Flash.

Well, there are some things that we can note when photographing strobist.

1. Laying the flash position. It would be nice if you use a light stand for ease. If there are two flash, one flash can be placed in front of the object sideways with the position not too close, and the other one can be placed behind the object.


2. Sideway or not is depending on taste and purpose of shooting. Side position is usually used for flash to illuminate the side object. While the positioning in the back position aims to illuminate the back of the object.


3. Ambient Light Control. With strobist you can control Ambient Light or light in the environment. This control can be done by setting the shutter speed. For example the use of a low shutter speed can allow light on a lighter background, and vice versa with high shutter speed the environment will be dark. Ambient Light control can also be done with the use of aperture. The larger (small number f) the possibility of incoming light more, and the smaller (number f large) incoming light is less.


4. Adjust the shooting time. At night we can use a slow shutter speed to allow more light in and a light background. While during the day may have to use a fast shutter speed to avoid over exposure considering available light already exists and added strobist light.

5. For a colourful sky. With the strobist technique you can enable getting more colorful sky photos with objects also visible. Usually the sky color can be seen when the use of small aperture from f / 10 to f / 22. But in the absence of flash, the use of small aperture will make the object under the dark even though the sky color appears. Due to the limitations of sensors to bring up HDR photos, the use of strobist techniques allows you to get more colorful photos and objects below clearly visible.


of your photos. This strobist technique can be used anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors. Many people also use strobist techniques outdoors during the day or night. Good luck! Well that's the tips for strobist photography, you can start to try to maximize the results.






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