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Copyright and Patent Rights. What is the difference?

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Maybe you’ve heard the words Copyright and Patents, these two things have the same function to protect the work or something created from imitation and so on. But actually there is a difference from the law aspect.

Copyright is an exclusive right of the creator or copyright holder to govern the use of the poured out of a particular idea. Copyright holder is allowed to limit the illegitimate copy of a works. Typically copyright has a limited certain validity period.

Copyright applies to various types of works such as poetry, drama, film, dance, music composition, sound recordings, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, software, television, websites and more. Copyright is one type of intellectual property rights, but copyright is not a monopoly right to do something, but the right to prevent others from doing so.

The law on copyright generally involves only creation in the form of a particular idea and does not include general ideas. As for the term copyright license is a permission granted by the copyright holder or related rights holder to another party to announce and / or reproduce his / her creation or related rights product with certain conditions.

Patent right is an exclusive right granted by the State to the inventor of his invention in the field of technology, which for a certain period of time exercises his or her own Invention or consent to the other party to exercise it.

While the meaning of the Invention is the idea of Inventor is poured into a specific problem-solving activities in the field of technology can be a product or process, or refinement and development of products or processes.

The patent system is not considered a monopoly right because granting patents does not govern who should do patented invention. Granting a patent is territorial, ie binding only in a particular location. The patent system in Indonesia embraces the First to File system (the person who first filed the application is considered a patent holder, if all the requirements are met). When the submission must completely describe the invention.

So the difference is copyright provides protection for creation in art, literature and science. While patents provide protection for invention in the field of technology. In addition, copyright is not a monopoly right to do something, but the right to prevent others from doing so. While the patent provides a monopoly over the use of the invention.

That is the difference between copyright and patent, it is clear that the definition, use, and restriction of both rights. We can use it accordingly to their own respects.


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