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Kampung Jodipan, The Colorful Village

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There’s a very colorful village, it can be an interesting destination if you visit Malang city, East Java. This village is also known as Kampung Jodipan.

Kampung Jodipan was a slum area that is located on the riverbank of Daerah Aliran Sungai (DAS) Brantas. It was even one of the 11 most rundown villages in Indonesia. It all changed when a group of Public Relations students from Muhammadiyah University Malang had a task for PR and Event Management subject. They work together with a paint company to paint the village. It turned out that the company was also going to make a CSR program, and they collaborated to make the slum at Jodipan colorful.

The village was selected to be their target, as this it has a good landscape if it’s seen from the bridge at Gatot Subroto Street. However, the residents often threw garbage to the river, making it looked even worse. The program was intended to ‘clean up’ the village and educate the people about sanitation. The residents, TNI AU (air force troops) and artists started to paint the village on June 2016. The paint company provided three tons of paint to colorize this village. Around 107 houses in this village were painted with vibrant colors like green, yellow, pink, and many more. Some mural communities in Malang also painted the northern part of this village (known as Kampung Tridi) with 3D arts. There is also one alley in the village that is decorated with colourful umbrellas.


Now, the slum Kampung Jodipan has become a must visit destination in Malang. It may not offer many activities like other locations, but Kampung Jodipan is so photogenic and instagramable, and it is kind of rare to see colorful places like Kampung Jodipan in Indonesia. The residents at Kampung Jodipan are also keeping the village clean and tourist – friendly together. The village has many trash bins, not only for tourist but also for the residents. A number of public toilets are also built in the village to be used by the residents. Parking lot is also available for the tourists.

So, are you interested to add Kampung Jodipan as your destination when visiting Malang? If you go there, don’t forget to bring back some souvenirs to take home. Enjoy the visit!


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